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Landfill in Massachusetts
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Safe Disposal of Your Special Waste
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Landfill Services in Massachusetts

If you require landfill services in Massachusetts, look no further than Casella Waste Systems for state-of-the-art facilities and responsible practices. Our disposal sites are among the most secure and environmentally sound in the U.S., giving us the capacity to safely manage the disposal of more 3 million tons of solid waste annually. In fact, our fully permitted Subtitle D MSW (non-hazardous) landfills can accept and process universal waste, PCB bulk waste, asbestos, contaminated soils and other materials requiring special disposal procedures.

Extensive Resources, Comprehensive Solutions

Casella Waste Systems is well-equipped to provide the safe and cost-effective handling of special wastes your Massachusetts community needs. Our large network of transfer stations and landfill disposal sites extends across the U.S. Northeast, and we also offer a variety of solidification and transportation options in order to provide the comprehensive service our customers deserve. Our experienced regulatory advisors are always on hand to answer any questions about our testing and approval process and explain how we determine the acceptability of special wastes.

Special Waste
Special Waste
Accepted at
Many Locations
Special waste that we handle include...
  • Asbestos (friable and non-friable)
  • PCB bulk waste
  • Contaminated soils
  • Sludges
  • Drill cuttings
  • Universal waste
  • Ash
  • and more!
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Our Environmentally Responsible Approach

We're making a difference to landfill services in Massachusetts because we take a sustainable, innovative approach to solid waste disposal. Our vision for landfills is that they can be so much more than disposal sites alone; in fact, our sites are environmental campuses where our experts extract resources from the waste stream at every opportunity. We collaborate with local and regional governments to ensure the safety, security and effectiveness of our landfill disposal facilities — which means our Northeast customers have a cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative to shipping waste to far-off disposal sites.