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Compactors in New York You Can Count On

If you’re looking for a compactor in New York, Casella has you covered. We offer a variety of safe, dependable and environmentally-responsible products and services to satisfy the needs of your business. Find out why business owners in the northeast have come to us for top-class waste services from more than 40 years.

Compact Solutions, Big Results

In addition to handling and processing garbage, a compaction system can improve waste efficiencies and, in turn, help to reduce costs. Since our containers are leak-resistant, they're perfect for facilities where strict sanitary regulations are in place. We offer a variety of solutions to accommodate both large and small volumes of garbage, which is why so many companies have turned to us for compactors in New York.

Get the Right Compactor for the Job
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Medium Compactor
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What Makes Casella Your Best Option?

At Casella, we provide both home and business owners with a diverse range of waste resource solutions. Most of all, we’re pleased to offer recycling programs that take an innovative and critical step towards reducing waste. Our customizable solutions – and outstanding customer service – are at your disposal, so call us today to get started.

We Offer:

  • Stationary compactors – ideal for retail or department store and industrial warehouses 
  • Self-contained compactors – perfect for supermarkets with organic waste, restaurants, malls and hospitals 
  • Small footprint self-contained compactors – best for fast food, nursing homes and small grocery stores