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Garbage Pickup Service in Houlton, Simplified

Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, we know that receiving reliable garbage pickup in Houlton is extremely important. We take pride in providing local residents, municipalities and businesses with dependable garbage pickups in Houlton.

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Casella Garbage Pickup in Houlton is Your Reliable Source

Our approach to curbside garbage pickup in Houlton meets the needs of residential customers because we'll work with you to develop a personalized program to meet your residential garbage pickup needs. You can either choose to go with our simple weekly pickups or choose our waste and recycling collection program that's flexible to your schedule. Casella leads the way in waste reduction and collection by offering sustainable solutions to the communities we serve, beginning with our garbage pickup in Houlton.

Our Waste and Recycling Solutions for Your Home, Business, School or Town Waste and Recycling Solutions
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Get The Job Done With Casella

In addition to our standard business garbage pickup in Houlton, you can also count on Casella for high volume recycling services. No matter what business you're in, whether big or small, you can always count on Casella for prompt garbage pickup in Houlton. Along with regular garbage pickup in Houlton, our business clients can also contact us about dumpster rental, waste containers and trash compactors.

Casella also offers temporary services ideal for waste collection as a result of construction, remodeling, house and basement clean-outs, special events or any other short-term project. For every domestic, construction or larger renovation work, Casella offers a customized, ideal roll off trash dumpster in Houlton.

You'll always be satisfied with Casella's garbage pickup in Houlton to smoothly remove waste, if you are a new customer or even a current one. Contact us today for more information about garbage pickup in Houlton and other waste control services.